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Hop 'n Play
Hop 'n Play

Our Playground

Hop-n-Play is a playground designed to bring a satisfying and enjoyable experience to kids. Its advanced technology from western countries and Japan, employ science to develop children's intelligence, physical health, and happiness. It's designed to appeal to kids of every background. It's exciting, but not dangerous. Helping children develop and bringing them a fun-filled experience is Hop-n-Play's goal.

Hop 'n Play

The Dancing Balloons simulate roaming in a weightless environment. This novel feeling can bring joy and happiness, as children and the toy interact.

Beautiful, light materials make up the Big Jumping Balloons and Slide set, which is based on the concepts of a bouncing trampoline and climbing steps upward, which is a slide downward. Kids develop coordination and balance as they bounce on the trampoline, climb the slide, and jump on the floor of the castle.

Spinning Palms bright color and inventive style takes you into a tropical jungle. Kids ride on balls hanging from tropical trees, promoting their ability to understand the different feelings and experiences while riding amid a luscious environment.

The Waterfall Tunnel provides the experience of the dynamic elements of the murmur of running water (although it's underneath clear plastic--no one gets wet!) and the various materials used. Space perception is used to judge the distance of the slide, and the child also comes to understand the distinctive features of various materials.

Revolving Drum is a rolling drum of soft plastic with music piped in. As the child moves in the drum, it stimulates the vestibular organs. As children turn themselves upside down and immerse themselves in the fun, their nervous system is massaged and strengthened.

Bura Saga Rin has two elements: inflation and suspension. Children learn quick control which improves nervous system growth through continuous balancing. They also learn coordination, endurance, and going with the flow of the movement.

Hop 'n Play

Wave Rider. It's back! But this time it's low to the ground and kids can see the water and its motion through clear plastic. An update on the outdated trampoline, it's visually dynamic, and kids learn balance and a comprehensive way of responding to the water's movement. Its slick, soft, unstable motion stimulates various signals to the brain. The body's visual dynamic and balance will increase comprehensive response to different motions, lessen fear, and create happiness.

Spinning Daruma. According to children's psychology, the mini-turntable can help children with body balance and coordination by the rotation of the soft chair that they wrap their legs and arms around. This toy is excellent for timid or dependent children. A certain amount of moderate stimulation will help them enjoy a rich experience with their improved independence and adaptability.

User-friendly, safety, gentleness, color, an interesting environment, and safe materials, makes Hop-n-Play a sensational, innovative way to play. Hop-n-Play awaits you and your child for productive, healthy play, that promotes brain function with physical awareness.

Hop 'n Play