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Hop 'n Play
Hop 'n Play

Welcome to Hop-n-Play!

Come on in and have some fun!

Hop-n-Play is a sparkling new and unique walk-in indoor children's playground and party facility. Conveniently located on the Peninsula close to San Francisco and many Bay Area locations, little kids all over Bay will love the play equipment--because almost all of it moves! Along with an abundance of great new, colorful toys, parents will have a blast playing with their children. Everybody will have a great time, laugh and play together, and get a refreshing mind and body workout in the process.

It's the first and only playground of this type in the United States. Hop-n-Play's unique equipment will be premiered right here in the Bay Area. You won't want to miss it.

What sets Hop-n-Play apart from all other children's play areas and playgrounds? Movement! The play equipment itself has motion! Almost every Hop-n-Play attraction has some kind movement. When kids see the moving attractions, they won't be able to wait to play on it.

Moreover, our playground is designed to educate children to interact with each other. It teaches them motion and body coordination, colors, body consciousness and balance. It helps kids to increase strength and flexibility of their hands, legs and shoulders and to gain space perception. It stimulates in a positive way and you will love to see joy and happiness in your children eyes.

Hop-n-Play's facility also features two party rooms where kids can celebrate their birthdays and other parties with their friends and family!

Hop-n-Play is dedicated to making playtime as rewarding for the parents as it is for the children. This is truly that much-sought-after quality time that parents want to spend with their children.

Hop-n-Play is located in a beautiful Tanforan Shopping mall, which allows us to be open and available for play 7 days a week, all day long. Kids and their parents can come and play any time they want, rain or shine!

Hop-n-Play is unique and a brand new concept in indoor playgrounds!
It's innovative and imaginative!

Be wowed by bright and colorful soft play equipment and toys!

Clean and safe, it's an exciting environment for the whole family!

It's truly interactive play for kids and parents, not just parents sitting and watching their children!

Hop-n-Play is stimulating and entertaining!

Did we mention that it's fun?

And a big bonus! It's open everyday so kids can play rain or shine, but we do require socks!

Only Kids Under 48 Inches    No Public Restrooms    No Outside Food or Drinks   Socks Required to Play
Hop 'n Play