Dear Customers,

We have a bit of sad news to share with you.

We have been informed by the CAL-OSHA Department of Industrial Relations that some of our play structures are now classified as amusement rides that are similar to the roller coasters that we find in a large scale theme park. We are now required to obtain the Certificate of Compliance before we can open the moving structures to the general public. All other non-moving structures and toys are still open for play.

Our equipment is made with the highest standard of materials, met ASTM standard, and have met all standards at other worldwide locations including those in European countries and in Japan, so we are confident that the issue will be resolved.

Because of the limited availability of rides, we have changed the admission prices to $5 per child (50% general admission), all-day play. If you need time to relax while letting your child get some active play time, you are at the right place. :)

Also, you can still host your birthday party with us while we are working hard with the state agency to resolve the certificate issues. Price for birthday party is reduced to $90 for weekdays and $110 for weekend. The birthday party package remains the same. We once again thank you for your understanding and rest assure that we will work very hard to re-open all of our play structures again soon.

Thank you for supporting small business - “because it’s never easy”.

Free Wifi!! We provide free secure Wifi internet to all paid customers. Our wifi gateway utilizes the latest client isolation through Layer 3 LAN technology, and ensures that no connection between guest computers can be established. You can safely browser the web while your children is having fun.

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